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Top 10 Most Expensive Food in the world 2018

Some people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on their hobby, but there are some food lovers who do not mind spending money simply to enjoy a sumptuous meal. Below are the 10 most expensive food in the world.

Top 10 Most Expensive Food in the world 2018

Most Expensive Food in the world

1. White Truffles (Trifola d’Alba) – $330 000


  • Most Expensive Food in the world This edible fungi that come from Italy is the most expensive on the market. Difficulty to grow this white truffle commercially is causing the price of 1 kilogram to be very expensive. During Alba’s annual White Truffle Festival in November 2009, a single 1.6-pound white truffle sold for $150 000.  Only after one month later, Alba truffles were being sold €10 200 for 1kg. The highest price known to have been paid is $330 000 in 2018 by a casino mogul in a charity auction in Macau for 1.497kg.


2. Almas Beluga Caviar – $25 000


  • Caviar is another name for a diamond. The most expensive caviar is produced from albino sturgeon eggs that is found in most unpolluted waters in the Caspian Sea. The condition of water that is very pristine makes the Almas caviar to be very special. You can find this special dishes at Caviar House and Prunier Restaurant in London. A kilo of the Almas caviar is priced at $25 000. The packaging of this Iran imported dishes is made of 24-carat gold.


3. Yubari King Melons – $23,900


  • Most Expensive Food in the world It is considered as the ‘king of fruits’ for its juicy sweetness as well as its beautiful proportions. Recently on, a single Yubari king melon is sold for $12 000. In an auction in Japan, the starting price of a pair of this melon was set at ¥ 2.0 million, but lastly, it was sold to the winner, a local citizen at ¥ 2.5 million ($23,900).  The fruit is produced from a cross of numerous exotic species of the melon in a city called Yubari in Japan.


4. Densuke Black Watermelon – $6100


  • It is very difficult to obtain this type of watermelon because it is grown only on the northern island of Hokkaido, Japan. They are so rare, that why this watermelon can be extremely expensive. It’s level of sweetness and crunchy is not same as the regular watermelons. On, a single fruit is sold at $6100.


5. Royale Pizza 007 – $4200


  • Most Expensive Food in the world 2018 Pizza is among the most popular dish in the world and the most expensive pizza is Royale 007. It made up of a various expensive ingredient such as Scottish salmon, caviar soaked in Dom Perignon champagne, lobster marinated in cognac and venison. The top layer of this 12-inch pizza is made of edible 24-carat gold flakes.


6. Samundari Khazana Curry – $3200


  • This type of curry has the highest price in the world. A dish called ‘treasures seafood’ is derived from Bombay Brasserie contains a variety of materials including white truffles, a half tomato filled with Beluga caviar lobster-coated gold, sea snails – abalone and Devon crab.


7. Wagyu Steak – $2,800


  • Most Expensive Food in the world This steak is normally the dish for riches and elites in Japan and around the world. It’s not like the normal beef, it has primarily monounsaturated fats which have a very low melting point, making the fat literally melt in your mouth. It is much more delicious and softer than regular beef. A plate of Wagyu steak can reach thousands of dollars.


8. Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata – $1 000


  • Omelets are usually easy to set up, but it is not similar as offered at Norma’s restaurant, Le Parker Meridien Hotel, a luxurious hotel in New York which worth thousands of dollars. Frittata contains caviar, lobsters and also served with fries. If you’re not in the mood of forking over $1 000. The restaurant also offers a smaller and less expensive version called the “regular frittata” that costs $100.


9. Bagel at Westin Hotel – $1 000


  • Most Expensive Food in the world 2018 This bread resembles the donut is a special menu at Hostel Westin, New York. It served with Alba white truffles cream cheese and jelly Riesling white truffles with gold leaf. Alba white truffles are extremely limited. They are grown in the Alba region of Italy beneath certain oak trees. Only pigs or trained dogs can locate them. That way the price of this bagel can fetch thousand dollars.


10. Matsutake Mushroom


  • The world’s most expensive mushroom cost around $1,000 per pound. It becomes very expensive because of its rarity. In addition, the production of matsutake mushroom is dramatically decrease caused by the insect that kills the trees under which the mushroom grows. It can be found only in the forests of Asia, North America, and Europe. This mushroom is among the most important ingredient in Japanese cuisine.
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