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10 Reasons Why Study in France

The excellence of French higher education is widely recognized worldwide Read 10 Reasons Why Study in France and make Bright Future. Whether in the Shanghai ranking, those in the Financial Times, the Times or the European Report on Science & Technology of the European Commission, French institutions are always in the foreground.

10 Reasons Why Study in France

1. A diverse higher education and performance

Following a long tradition of excellence in French degrees relies on a network of higher education institutions and research centers of international renown over 3000 institutions including 87 universities, 240 engineering colleges, 230 business schools and 2000 other specialized schools including art, fashion, design, architecture, paramedical education institutions.

2. The scientific and technological innovation center prominent 

10 Reasons Why Study in France France has high performance to its research capacity and its excellent achievements in many fields like space, transportation, electronics, telecommunications, chemistry, biotechnology, and health. The number of Nobel prizes and Field medals obtained by France is a proof.

3. Strong linkages between higher education and business

Besides the participation of professionals in the development of training programs, work placements are a compulsory passage of French courses. They take the form of compulsory courses during the year or “year of professional mobility” at the end of the study. Besides the foreign student being appreciated by future employers, these courses facilitate the transition to the working world and can lead to recruitment.

4. Open education for the foreign students

265 000 foreign students (more than 10% of the student population), France is the third largest host country in the world after the United States (535,000). And the United Kingdom (275,000).  Another feature, in France, there is no distinction between foreign students and French students: access requirements are identical, the diplomas and registration fees are the same for all.

Why Study in France?

Why study in France
Why study in France


5. Recognized qualifications at European level 

French universities in the process of “Sorbonne-Bologna” have now adopted the three European grades of Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate (LMD), and in France, the degrees awarded to foreign students are the same as those issued to French students.

6. Financially accessible education 

10 Reasons Why Study in France – In France, the university registration fees are very reasonable, 350 Euros per year for Bachelors and 400 Euros for Masters (including student social security). These rights are the same for foreign and French students. In addition, the stock of the French Government is exempt from registration fees university. More than 20,000 scholarships and internships for foreign students and young professionals are granted each year. Two programs of scholarships, Eiffel and Major were implemented by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

7. The same benefits to French students

The foreign student receives housing assistance, social security, reduced for recreation, transportation and restoration rates. It can carry up paid employment without specific authorization, within 60% of the duration of annual work about 20 hours per week or in the aggregate during the holidays. Foreign students who hold a Master or equivalent (engineers or business schools) obtained in France may receive a residence permit for six months to enable them to find employment and, if hired, obtain authorization work.

10 Reasons Why Study in France

8. The study of a useful language 

French is spoken by 200 million people and learned by 745,000 people on five continents. French is the official and working language of the European Union and UN organizations. France, fifth commercial power, is a leading trading partner for many countries, especially in Europe.

9. A pleasant life

10 Reasons Why Study in France By cultural, geographical and gastronomic riches, France is the first tourist destination in the world. And its infrastructure, including transportation or health, are leading of modernity. Institutions of higher education are often built in the heart of cities, in direct relation to the cultural and social life. The associative network in France is among the most diverse, dense and dynamic in the world. 

10. Now, it’s up to you to decide your future. Bonne continuation!

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